Let's answer some questions about the 1/2 Day Shoot for $195

Q: What will I get?

A: For the 1/2 day shoot, we will come to your location for 3 hours.  Our session times are: 8am - 11am, 12pm - 3pm or from 4pm - 7pm, Monday - Saturday.  We chill on Sundays.  

We will shoot as much video content as you want and edit the videos into deliverable, usable pieces.  We can only do 1 edit per piece at this price but we can do as many pieces as you'd like in your 1/2 day shoot.  We are limited by the time.  If you need us to setup, tear down and move locations, it will eat into the shooting time.  We're ok with that if you are!

Q: Can you add background music to my videos?  

A: Absolutely!  We recommend it for most video projects.  We have a long list of licensed, royalty free music that we can use which will give your videos that extra professional feel! 

Q: What if my shoot goes over the 1/2 Day time frame. 


A: Simple, you can extend out another 1/2 day shoot if we are not already booked.  If we have a shoot right after your's, we'll have to cut it short and come back or reschedule the followup video. 

Q: How long will it take to get my edited videos?


A: Depending on the complexity of your videos, we may only take 1 day to provide the finished pieces but we can usually have them wrapped up and to you within 1 week from the shoot day.  

Q: What sort of videos can I create in my 1/2 day shoot.  

A: We can create just about any sort of videos you'd like, within reason.  Some examples would include: testimonial videos, employee introduction videos, technical videos, social media marketing videos, live streaming of meetings, conferences or events, virtual tours of homes, businesses or other locations.  We are on the clock for you.  We'll shoot what you want us to shoot but we can only do so much within the limited time so plan wisely.  

Q: Can you add animations to my video?

A: Yes! We can provide basic animations of logos and lower thirds graphics, also called name keys, to your videos but more intensive animations would need to be billed on an hourly basis.  If you already have animations created, we can add them into your videos.  If we are adding logos to your video, we'll need you to provide the proper files by the end of the shooting session.  

Q: How far will you travel? 

A: We will travel as far as you want to send us.  We are "passport ready" however, for the $195 1/2 Day shoot price, we need to stay in the West Michigan area.  If you aren't sure your shoot location is in that area, just email nick@195video.com and we'll let you know.  

Q:  What sort of cameras and equipment are you shooting on? 

A: We shoot on professional cameras that provide a nice shallow depth of field (this it what creates that nice, blurred background).  Our cameras shoot in resolution up to 4K.  We can also shoot slow motion footage at up to 120fps but the resolution will be limited to HD quality.  We will also have basic video lighting package ready and available for your shoot.  If you need a specific camera or have more question on our equipment, just email us at:  nick@195video.com  






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